About us …

Ab Initio means from the beginning

We adopt this Latin expression as the name of our company because we want to be with our clients from the beginning, offering them services of consultancy and outsourcing services.
Founded in 2008, Abinitio has been able to understand and satisfy the market needs by experiencing a solid growth and which currently translates into a solid structure composed of a large group of professionals with offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, working for clients all over Spain.


Our values …


To help to achieve the improvement and optimization of the processes of companies and public administrations.


Become a reference in outsourcing business services.



Our team …

An efficient and trustworthy team, highly qualified, to give a quick and efficient response to the demand of each client.

Andreas Kubek


Virginia Guinda

Director of Institutional Relations and Business Development

Iolanda Guiu

Director of HR and Communication

Manuel García

Director Madrid

Carmen Soldado

Director of Consulting

Antonio Montes

Director of Grupo Ingest Outsourcing

Pilar Duarte

Juridical Manager

David Serrano

General Manager Energía Local